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College and Career Counseling


Why College & Career Counseling with East Indiana AHEC?


Choosing a college major or a career path is a significant challenge. The options can be overwhelming, and a poor choice can lead to dissatisfaction on the job or even several thousand dollars of college debt without a degree to show for it.

East Indiana AHEC’s College and Career Counseling gives you the tools to make informed college choices, explore careers that are good fits for you, and understand your motivations and values.

The Strong Interest Inventory® is an assessment used on college campuses across the nation to help students connect their unique interests and aspirations to college majors and career paths.

East Indiana AHEC lets you access not only the Strong Interest Inventory but also our knowledge of the health care workforce, our networking with healthcare professionals, and our insight into colleges across the state and region.

  • What Your College and Career Counseling Package Includes:
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    • A personalized copy of your Strong Interest Inventory Profile
    • A 1-hour session with an East Indiana AHEC College and Career counselor to discuss your Strong results and develop your college and career exploration plan
    • Additional resources for college and career exploration next steps, customized to meet your needs and answer your questions
    • At $150, this represents a smart investment in your future for less than the cost of senior prom or a semester of college textbooks!
  • The Process:

    • Complete a student questionnaire and the Strong Interest Inventory online
    • Meet in person with an East Indiana AHEC college and career counselor to discuss your Strong results and develop a college and career exploration plan
    • Get a personalized copy of your Strong Interest Inventory profile plus other college and career research resources
    • Take action - start exploring college and career options that might be good fits for you!

  • Get Started:
    • Call 765-251-8551 or e-mail jeff.hartz@eiahec.org to let us know you want to start exploring your college and career options
    • After an initial phone or e-mail conversation, we'll send you links to complete your student questionnaire and the Strong Interest Inventory online as well as payment details
    • Once you've completed the questionnaire and Strong Interest Inventory, we'll set up an appointment for your counseling session
  • Want To Go Farther?
      Do you want to better understand yourself and how you interact with others? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is an assessment used around the world in college, industry, and leadership programs to develop self awareness, understand what gives you a sense of purpose, and gain insight into how you operate as a learner and as a decision-maker.

      Contact us to learn about our how our Myers-Briggs College and Career Next Steps package can help you be more effective as as a student, as a communicator, and as a person. This package is also available for $150; we recommend completing our Strong Interest Inventory package first.
  • Print Materials and Resources:

Meet Our College and Career Counselor

Jeff Hartz, East Indiana AHEC’s Outreach Coordinator, is a professional educator with 15 years of experience working with high school students, college students, and adult learners.  He holds a Masters in Education from Wake Forest University and is a Certified Practitioner for both the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  In addition to classroom teaching experience, Jeff has worked on new teacher mentoring projects, community grants programs, education technology initiatives, and health career exploration & enrichment camps.

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College & Career Counseling in East Indiana




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