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What is EI-AHEC?

East Indiana Area Health Education Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission is to improve health by recruiting, educating, and retaining healthcare professionals for rural and medically underserved communities in eastern and southeastern Indiana.  We provide learning resources for local students and health professionals in 14 Indiana counties:  Bartholomew, Dearborn, Decatur, Fayette, Franklin, Henry, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Rush, Union, Wayne and Switzerland

The Area Health Education Center program has national reach – we receive partial grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services. We are pleased that the Indiana AHEC Network has just received notice of being awarded a new 5-year AHEC grant for the period starting September 1, 2017. Thus, our website is undergoing some updates to reflect changes that come from this new grant. Please check back soon.


East Indiana AHEC supports health professions learners in three ways:


Find Them

We FIND THEM by offering programs that help high school and college students get into the health careers pipeline – making these students aware of their health careers options and helping them access and gain admissions to the college programs and training they need.

Train Them

We TRAIN THEM by supporting clinical experiences, clerkships, and interprofessional education events for health professions students that connect these students to communities in our region.

Keep Them

We KEEP THEM by supporting continuing education programs and professional development opportunities for health care practitioners already working in our region, including coordinating the Southeastern Indiana Simulation Consortium.



East Indiana Area Health Education Center

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